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Tissue Packaging Machine News

In depth understanding of Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine

Date:2020/12/21 10:44:15 Click:5

In depth understanding of Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine

Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine is suitable for automatic packaging of web paper.
The utility model relates to an Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine, which is characterized in that it comprises a paper feeding system, a paper cutting and sizing system, a paper rolling system, a hot pressing system, a control system and a hydraulic pneumatic system;

The paper feeding system is arranged on the rack and corresponds to the paper feeding system set beside the rack; The paper cutting sizing system is connected with the paper feeding system, and the end of the supporting board is connected with the hot pressing system. The paper rolling system is fixed on the top surface of the frame, and the paper rolling arm can rotate up and down and glide through the guide rail on the bracket. The hot pressing plate on the hot pressing system can slip along the rack.

The above systems drive the action of Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine through the control system to complete the packaging process. The utility model has high degree of automation, low labor intensity, good packing quality and high working efficiency.

Automatic Bath Tissue Roll Wrapping Machine Main features and advantages

1. Automatic feeding, paper cutting, paper sucking, paper clamping, paper pressing packaging. Compact and reasonable structure, simple operation and adjustment.

2. Servo motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, HMI interface display operation more clear and simple, high degree of automation, more humanized.

3. Large capacity, stable speed of 100 packets per minute.

4. Change quickly, only 10-20 minutes.

5. Fast running speed, PLC control system easy to control.

6. Easy to adjust, various sizes can be converted quickly.

7. Changing the specifications does not require a large number of mold changes, only adjustments or replacement of individual parts can be achieved.

8. Main drive motor overload protection device, safe and reliable.

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