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Tissue Packaging Machine News

Current situation and future development trend of Automatic Carton Packing Machi

Date:2020/12/25 10:32:00 Click:5
Current situation and future development trend of Automatic Carton Packing Machine

Cartoning Packing machine originated in Europe in the early 1950 s, the development of China in the 1960 s cartoning machine gradually used in each big enterprise, at present, the domestic automatic multi-functional Cartoning Packing machine through the verification, highest can reach about 180 boxes per minute boxes, automatic cartoning function of semi-finished or finished products to make use of packaging technology, sealing, loading, label, etc.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's research and development level, the requirements for product packaging have been constantly improved, and a variety of multi-functional Automatic Carton Packing Machine have also begun to be gradually used by large enterprises. Automatic Carton Packing Machine has simple operation, powerful functions, can complete a variety of more complex carton packing work, with the different packaging needs of the box packing machine, the box packing machine industry is taking advantage of the trend, changing in time, accelerate innovation, better meet the market demand.

In the future, the manufacturers of Automatic Carton Packing Machine will pay more attention to the development according to the demand: fast, low cost packaging equipment, Automatic Carton Packing Machine and other packaging equipment to small, flexible, multi-purpose, efficient direction. This trend also includes saving time and reducing costs, so the packaging industry is the pursuit of combination, simplicity, mobile packaging equipment. In the next few years, the development of China's industries will be closer to the world's advanced level, keep up with the pace of The Times, promote the domestic economy more powerful, which will also stimulate the market consumption, increase the market demand for packaging machine.

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